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NFT Marketplace

OAZIZ is a multi-chain NFT marketplace, build on ETHEREUM. The Marketplace’s UX/UI is intended to appeal to both newcomers and regular users. On our marketplace, buyers and sellers can trade NFTs as tokenized digital and physical items.

Multi-chain support


Olympus Mountain Gods

The game features a Greek mythology theme, gameplay based on the most famous fighting games, and a player versus player (PvP) mode to provide you with the most immersive gaming experience possible. Realistic visuals, Unity gaming engine, and blockchain interoperability.

OMG NFT collection

The 12 Gods of Olympus are the inspiration for the OMG collection. 3D models influenced by Greek mythology and contemporary aesthetics. The collection will have a variety of utilities, including the ability to use in a P2E game.

Senate voting system

We seek to provide our community with the highest level of democracy and openness possible. A voting mechanism is the best way to ensure these features. The OVS (OAZIZ Senate Voting System) is a decentralized platform. Our community members will make the voting decisions. The ecosystem’s future development will be more secure and autonomous thanks to OVS.

Voting cases:

Financial tools


With a total supply of 1 000 000 000, this token is built on the ETHEREUM blockchain. Staking, governance, and a discounts are just a few of the token’s utilities. To maintain sustained growth, the funds are distributed according to a vesting schedule.

Token allocation



  • Market fit research
  • Core team building
  • Angel funding
  • Advisors research
  • Developers research


  • Contract with game development studio
  • Marketing strategy
  • Ecosystem products development
  • Building partnerships


  • Team expansion
  • Utility NFT collection launch
  • NFT Marketplace MVP launch
  • Seed round begins


  • Listing on launchpads
  • Token launch
  • Public round begins
  • NFT Marketplace Beta launch


  • P2E Game prototype launch
  • NFT utility token update
  • Team expansion
  • L & E product launch


  • MaaS service launch
  • Reaching 50 000 userbase
  • NFT marketplace smart contract update


  • P2E Game Beta launch
  • Fintech-tools integration into ecosystem


  • OAZIZ Pre-paid cards launch
  • NFT marketplace smart contract update


  • P2E game content update
  • In-game NFT collection launch Team expansion


  • Token cross-chain bridging
  • Reaching 200 000 userbase


  • OAZIZ ecosystem accomplishes borderless experience goal


  • TBA

Our team

The OAZIZ team is made up of strong professionals with experience and knowledge in the crypto realm. We are really enthusiastic about the technology, collaborations, and communities that we create.



Professionals from the fintech, gaming, and crypto industries have come together to collaborate on OAZIZ. Experts in the crypto business with a track record of developing numerous successful initiatives around the world.


Our ecosystem includes a Multi-chain NFT marketplace, a utility-based NFT art collection, a play to earn multiplayer game, and financial instruments to process cryptocurrencies.
  • We offer in-house marketing services for the artists (MaaS);
  • Our marketplace, NFT collection and the P2E game will stand out because of the aesthetic solutions;
  • In order to provide an excellent customer experience we connect a number of different problem-solving tools; 
  • We provide a wide variety of utilities for community members;
  • Our whole team is problem-solving oriented;
  • Voting in the future of the road map and selected project funding.
  • Copyrights on art. (Except 2nd hand market %).
  • Dividends payout in native OAZIZ token.
  • Participate in a closed educational community & earn rewards by completing learning courses.
  • Earn rewards for being active in OAZIZ community. Ownership of Genesis Gods characters (in upcoming NFT game).
  • Possibility to apply for the OAZIZ developer scholarship. 
  • Funding talented individuals or seed level start-ups.
  • Instant Verified user on the marketplace. This lets unlimited listing creation.
  • Close to zero fees by owning OAZIZ NFT. (Gas+seller; buyer fees).
  • Whitelisted for all pre-sales and upcoming projects.

By owning one of our OMG NFT collection, or simply by holding OAZIZ native token.

By filling out the referral application, one receives a dedicated affiliate link which he uses to promote OAZIZ ecosystem and receives rewards.


With the prospect of face-to-face events, we will establish a space for users, admirers, and the community in general to participate with the project even outside of the OAZIZ ecosystem.

EDENAS OÜ – Company No. 16374760
Office 1: Tornimäe tn 3 // 5 // 7 Tallinn Harjumaa 10145W, Estonia

Office 2: Perkūnkiemio gatvė 5, LT-12129, Vilnius, Lithuania

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