The NFT sales platform serves as a creative space where artists, collectors, developers, and businesses intertwine.

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NFT Marketplace

OAZIZ is a multi-chain NFT marketplace, build on ETHEREUM. We offer a Marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade NFTs as tokenized digital and physical items.


Tokenization and sales platforms for physical goods are the main areas of focus, but not limited to it. The Marketplace’s UX/UI is intended to appeal to both newcomers and regular users.

Multi-chain support


Building WEB3 community

We are building an NFT community of P2E enthusiasts because we recognize the importance of actively participating in the space, forming bonds with early adopters, and networking with top executives.

NFT Collaborations

Meet the creative thinkers who are transforming the non-fungible token market.

Physical Item Tokenization

We can connect the digital and physical worlds by utilizing cutting-edge NFC chip technology. We bring the security of blockchain to the real world, protected by tamper-proofing technology.


Holographic identification QR code stickers use the same technology as paper FIAT currency, making them extremely difficult to counterfeit. One-of-a-kind solution for certificate creation.

Problems we Solve


With a total supply of 1 000 000 000, this token is built on the ETHEREUM blockchain. Staking, governance, and a discounts are just a few of the token’s utilities. To maintain sustained growth, the funds are distributed according to a vesting schedule.


Fully diluted market cap




Token allocation



  • Market fit research
  • Core team building
  • Angel funding
  • Advisors research
  • Developers research


  • Marketplace development start
  • Authentication tools R&D
  • Strategic partnerships building
  • Layer 1 Oaziz raises $350k


  • Layer 1 Partnership with RSVmotors
  • Layer 1 NFT marketplace MVP launch
  • Layer 1 Partnerships with WEB3 community
  • Layer 1 First ever Tesla sold as NFT


  • Layer 1 NFT marketplace BETA launch
  • Layer 1 Token SC deployment
  • Layer 1 Initial DEX seed round begining
  • Layer 1 Listing token on launchpads


  • Layer 1 NFT marketplace launch
  • Layer 1 B2B partners onboarding
  • Layer 1 IDO public sale
  • Layer 1 Team expansion


  • Layer 1 NFT marketplace SC update
  • Layer 1 B2B partners onboarding
  • Layer 1 Onboarding canvas artists
  • Layer 1 Reaching 50 000 user base


  • Layer 1 NFT marketplace SC update
  • Layer 1 B2B partners onboarding
  • Layer 1 Onboarding watch retailers
  • Layer 1 Reaching $1m monthly revenue


  • Layer 1 Introducing tokenization solutions for B2B clients
  • Layer 1 Manufacture start of Oaziz authentication tags
  • Layer 1 Onboarding jewelry retailers
  • Layer 1 Reaching 100 000 user base

Our team

The OAZIZ team is made up of strong professionals with experience and knowledge in the crypto realm. We are really enthusiastic about the technology, collaborations, and communities that we create.

Partners and Media


Professionals from the fintech, gaming, and crypto industries have come together to collaborate on OAZIZ. Experts in the crypto business with a track record of developing numerous successful initiatives around the world.


Our ecosystem includes a Multi-chain NFT marketplace, a utility-based NFT art collection, a play to earn multiplayer game, and financial instruments to process cryptocurrencies.
  • We offer in-house marketing services for the artists (MaaS);
  • Our marketplace, NFT collection and the P2E game will stand out because of the aesthetic solutions;
  • In order to provide an excellent customer experience we connect a number of different problem-solving tools; 
  • We provide a wide variety of utilities for community members;
  • Our whole team is problem-solving oriented;
  • Voting in the future of the road map and selected project funding.
  • Copyrights on art. (Except 2nd hand market %).
  • Dividends payout in native OAZIZ token.
  • Participate in a closed educational community & earn rewards by completing learning courses.
  • Earn rewards for being active in OAZIZ community. Ownership of Genesis Gods characters (in upcoming NFT game).
  • Possibility to apply for the OAZIZ developer scholarship. 
  • Funding talented individuals or seed level start-ups.
  • Instant Verified user on the marketplace. This lets unlimited listing creation.
  • Close to zero fees by owning OAZIZ NFT. (Gas+seller; buyer fees).
  • Whitelisted for all pre-sales and upcoming projects.

By owning one of our OMG NFT collection, or simply by holding OAZIZ native token.

By filling out the referral application, one receives a dedicated affiliate link which he uses to promote OAZIZ ecosystem and receives rewards.


With the prospect of face-to-face events, we will establish a space for users, admirers, and the community in general to participate with the project even outside of the OAZIZ ecosystem.

EDENAS OÜ – Company No. 16374760
Office 1: Tornimäe tn 3 // 5 // 7 Tallinn Harjumaa 10145W, Estonia

Office 2: Perkūnkiemio gatvė 5, LT-12129, Vilnius, Lithuania

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